Mimoto – Soji hako Containers wooden japanese

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Wood turning is one of the traditional craft techniques of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware in Kanazawa Prefecture), using solid pieces of wood to form shapes. ‘Soji’ means ‘the plain wood’ before lacquer applied and this series features the beautiful character of the natural wood. ‘hako’ stands for ‘the box’ and it can be used as a tableware for everyday use, or can be a multiple container that is perfect for storage of small objects like sewing set or accessories.

Each piece is unique, with the wood characteristics becoming an integral part of the container itself.  It stacks perfectly and looks very smart when it is on the self.Soji hako (S)dcjdsjhcs

Colour: Dark Brown Lid, Wooden Base

Size: Diam.160  x H.62mm

Material: Castor Aralia (urethane coating)

DESIGNERS AND MAKERS: Hata Shikki TenHata Shikki Ten was established by Hata Unomatsu, who was himself a craftsman of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware).  Commitment to quality, selection of materials without compromise and masterful techniques have all been passed on until today.  From daily use to special occasions, the products feature sturdy yet practical construction as well as simple yet modern design. Each one is hand made by a skilled craftsman and the company has earned a strong reputation.

Source: Mimoto – Soji hako Containers wooden japanese

Author: mimotojapandesign

Hi and welcome to Mimoto. My name is Elizabeth, I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Mark and my 3 kids in an old factory conversion in the inner city. I have loved Japan and Japanese design since my friend Yuki (an exchange student who lived with my family) introduced me to his country when I was 11 years old. I now visit Japan often, discovering new and exciting design. Mimoto is an eclectic and curated mix of products you won't be able to get easily anywhere else. I love exploring all things Japanese. I cook Japanese food, read books from old and new Japanese writers to try to understand how the Japanese think and act, I learn Japanese to understand the relationship of writing and culture. My home is influenced by japanese style and 'wabi sabi', loving the raw, roughly hewn and natural elements thrown into modern design and life. In Japan, design is life. Life is design. Form follows function but neither is the master. Design in Japan is sometimes organic, sometimes deliberate, sometimes cultured and nurtured. But design is the loci, the cultural centre, intrinsically understood and witnessed everywhere, celebrated, beautiful. I travel across Japan to find artists, designers and craftspeople whose products represent Japan's special design aesthetic and build on their unique design heritage. This blog is about Japan and its intriguing sense of design. It is about how this sense of design permeates everything they do, how they live, how they interpret the world, how they interact with it. I want to help Japanese artists and designers further their art, carry on their ancestral design skills, celebrate their exceptional talents and spread the word about what's new and exciting. So I'll be regularly posting articles and photos about Japan, about the things I get to see and do on my visits there, and introduce new products and trends, and artists and craftspeople I meet. Please sign-up for our email newsletter. And you can follow us on twitter here, too. Enjoy and stay tuned because i'll have some great new and interesting things to show you!

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