Miya ceramics make great gifts for your cat-loving friends

Even without opposable thumbs, these cats can brew and serve tea. images (20)

The Cat Mask Tea Mug Set is made of fine porcelain, with every cat mask painted in delightful detail.

Another whimsical design from our friends at Jewel Japan! They truly bring fun to life.

These mugs come with a fitted matching lid and a tea strainer that fits snugly in the mug, and can be removed.
Brew some tea, grab the cat for a pat and enjoy some down time with this little cutie. Or keep your beverage hot by keeping the lid on until you find time to drink it, or When ready,  turn the lid over to hold your tea bag or cookie. Perfect for all cat lovers or mod lovers.
Microwave/Dishwasher Safe. Made in Japan.

Click here for the Cat Mask Tea Mug Set

Dimensions:7.6 x 7.6 x 9.7 centimetres (0.41 kg)
Width Mug: 4.25″ / Lid: 3.25″
Depth Mug: 3″ / Lid: 3.25″

Height Mug: 3.5″ / Lid: 0.4″

Just over 10 weeks until Christmas …time to think of creative decorations and curios to adorn your nest

Search ” Christmas” at  gather some Yuletide lovliness!!

Source: Just over 10 weeks until Christmas …time to think of creative decorations and curios to adorn your nest

Mimoto – Soji hako Containers wooden japanese

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Wood turning is one of the traditional craft techniques of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware in Kanazawa Prefecture), using solid pieces of wood to form shapes. ‘Soji’ means ‘the plain wood’ before lacquer applied and this series features the beautiful character of the natural wood. ‘hako’ stands for ‘the box’ and it can be used as a tableware for everyday use, or can be a multiple container that is perfect for storage of small objects like sewing set or accessories.

Each piece is unique, with the wood characteristics becoming an integral part of the container itself.  It stacks perfectly and looks very smart when it is on the self.Soji hako (S)dcjdsjhcs

Colour: Dark Brown Lid, Wooden Base

Size: Diam.160  x H.62mm

Material: Castor Aralia (urethane coating)

DESIGNERS AND MAKERS: Hata Shikki TenHata Shikki Ten was established by Hata Unomatsu, who was himself a craftsman of Yamanaka Shikki (lacquer ware).  Commitment to quality, selection of materials without compromise and masterful techniques have all been passed on until today.  From daily use to special occasions, the products feature sturdy yet practical construction as well as simple yet modern design. Each one is hand made by a skilled craftsman and the company has earned a strong reputation.

Source: Mimoto – Soji hako Containers wooden japanese